Automatic Car Wash vs Hand Car Wash

There has been a long running debate among car owners and auto care experts as to which is the superior choice; automated car wash, or hand wash. Both methods have a large following and each side tends to dismiss the opposing car wash method. It should come as no surprise that at SpeedWash we are strong believers in the overwhelming benefits of our automated car wash system. One of the many things that sets SpeedWash apart from other car washes is that long before we opened our doors to our now loyal customers, we took the time to do the research so that we could ensure the Aadmi Group’s tradition of excellence would continue.

Most of our customers say the most attractive benefit of our automatic car wash is the time they save in their busy schedules. Our washes usually take only 4 minutes, while a quick less effective hand wash can take 20 minutes, an hour or longer for a thorough clean. The convenience of being able to stop off on the way to or from work or another destination is a major benefit. It takes energy, time and effort to get out the bucket, soap, and other car wash supplies and do the task yourself.

Hand washing can yield a thoroughly cleaned car, but it usually takes a professional or someone very experienced over an hour to achieve the wash results our automated car wash provides in less than 4 minutes. Thats not including the other steps that may be required such as drying and waxing. The average car owner is unlikely to have the correct tools to give their vehicle a proper wash. Even if they are willing to spend on the expensive products they can use at home, garden hoses just don’t get enough pressure to wash off all the residues from detergents.

There are addition benefits to our automatic car wash besides the speed and ease. Automatic car washes better protect your car from damage than hand washes. Some people think that the brushes at automatic car washes will hurt to scratch their cars, but the truth is our brushes are specifically designed to protect your paint job while rags, sponges, and towels do much more damage. Rags and sponges trap grit and grim, and dirt will accumulate in a water bucket risking scratches in your paint job and chrome. Studies show that the microscopic scratches caused by rags and sponges go as deep as 10% into car paint when used for hand washing. That mixed with the fact that most people choose detergent with abrasive chemicals and soapy films left on by garden hoses baking into the paint, make for a damaging cocktail that can ruin your cars finish quickly. At SpeedWash we use Envriosoft 2nd Generation Foam Wraps which is a closed cell foam meaning it does not retain water or particles like rags and sponges do. It is the same material used in many high end automobile manufactures for cars fresh off the assembly line. Our modern equipment is kept constantly clean, our soap is safe and effective, and our filtered water produces not only safe and clean results but actually buffs the vehicle for a higher shine.

Many people think that car washes hurt the environment; wasting water, exposing harmful chemicals, but this is only true of out of date car washes. Our modern car wash uses environmentally friendly cleaning agents, and recycles and filters water. Washing at home or by hand however, does allow potentially harmful chemicals to escape into drains and make their way into groundwater. In Surrey, groundwater in the sanitary sewer system reduces the sewers ability to carry wastewater which may cause sewer backups into homes or businesses. It also means that this additional groundwater will be sent to the wastewater treatment plant for cleaning which is an unnecessary stress on the system. Metro Vancouver requires all local municipalities to limit the amount of groundwater in the sanitary sewer system for these and many other reasons.

The old fashioned bucket and water approach is not nearly as beneficial as many suppose. SpeedWash automatic car washes are advantageous in time, effort, and money saved. So next time your car needs a wash, your to do list is long, or you just don’t want to spend time and money only to expend your energy scrubbing the paint off your car, come down to SpeedWash and take a 4 minute vacation while your car gets the TLC that it needs.

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