SpeedWash Top Six Favourite Things About Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving! One of our favourite times of the year. We mentioned that in a previous list we did (which you can check out here). It’s hard to narrow it down to one thing we love about this statutory holiday, so we made another list. Presenting the SpeedWash Top Six Favourite Things about Thanksgiving.

1. Spending Time with Family and Loved ones

We don’t get many stat holidays in a year and also for many families and loved ones, many of us have conflicting schedules. Days like Thanksgiving is the one time in the year where most of us can get together, catch up, and enjoy a good meal. Nothing like the company of the people closest to you!

2. Food

A big part of the Thanksgiving tradition is the amazing food! Don’t even know where to begin with how awesome and delicious the food is. Every family and culture in Canada has their own spin on the Thanksgiving dinner. Our personal favourite at SpeedWash is the turkey stuffing. When done right, that always steals the show in any Thanksgiving meal.

3. Helping Others

You don’t see this often in anyone’s top ten list, but we are SpeedWash genuinely care about the communities we serve. During holidays like Thanksgiving, food banks around the area need the most help with non-perishable food donations. Not to mention the countless homeless shelters and soup kitchens that need volunteers and donations as well. During this time we challenge everyone to do their parts in helping make their communities a better place and help those that need it most!

5. Football

In both Canada and the US, Football is a favourite Thanksgiving tradition. Whether it’s sitting with your loved ones catching a game or going outside with your favourite sweater on tossing the ball around, you can’t having Thanksgiving without a little bit of football.

6. We’re Open!

That’s right folks. If you didn’t know already know, now you know. SpeedWash is opened 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays! There’s always a customer service attendant on site to serve you as well. Hope to see you during the holiday, come on down and get your car cleaned before you go visit your families!

What are your favourite things about Thanksgiving?

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