SpeedWash Uses The Same System as Lamborghini

At SpeedWash, we take pride in providing in a great quality automatic car wash service while saving you time and at an affordable price. We’re passionate about vehicles and we care about bringing out the best in your car’s appearance. We don’t cut corners here at SpeedWash. We use only the finest brands, like Armor All, Rain-X, and Black Magic Tire Shine when you come here to get your car washed.

The state of the art automatic car wash system we use here at SpeedWash is the same system that is used in exotic car factories. Manufacturers like Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Porsche -just to name a few- run their vehicles through an automatic car wash system before they are ever put on the dealership lot.

Utilizing Envirosoft 2nd Foam Wraps that are soft to the touch and their closed cells retain zero water and dirt particles making it safe and gentle for your vehicle’s surface while buffing to a high shine. Speedwash has washed thousands of vehicles of all makes and models; from the six-figure luxury car to the economic every day vehicle. With SpeedWash, you can rest easy with the knowledge that you’ve chosen the superior choice to give you that showroom shine and to save you precious time and money.

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