10 Genius Hacks to Keep your Car Interior Clean

1. Repurpose a container as a tiny trash bin that fits into your cupholder, or behind your seat.

2. Use baby wipes to quickly clean your windshield and car windows. The alcohol base helps prevent streaking

3. Make kids a travel lap tray from a baking sheet glued to a pillow, which is great for coloring, playing games, magnets and napping — plus it will keep their food from destroying your interior.

4. For especially long car trips, you can prep a whole bunch of things for them to do using a shower caddy.

Or go full blown super mom and hang a show organizer from the headrest for customized organization that will keep necessities in reach.

5.If their snacks (or your snacks) end up on the floor, clean them up on the fly with a portable vacuum cleaner that plugs right into your cigarette lighter.

6. Anyone who has ever owned a car knows that getting cupholders completely crumb-free is next to impossible. Drop in silicone (and washable) cupcake liners to keep them clean.

7.For road trips, keep everyone happy and all phones charged with a car friendly USB Port.

8. Leave a laundry basket in the trunk so that you can carry all of your purchases out in one or two trips.

9. Organize all the documents that you keep in your glove compartment using an accordion folder.

10. Fill the gaps beside your seats with a car seat catcher. Never lose your phone again and you have a spot to quickly stow your odds and ends.

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