Everyone knows the top three benefits of choosing SpeedWash is our quick speed, high quality, and unbeatable price! But more than that goes in to making SpeedWash unique.

Automated Attendants:

Two or more entrance lanes into multiple tunnels equate to unbelievable efficiency.

Hybrid Technology:

Friction combined with major advancements in high pressure zero degree nozzle design deliver the hybrid technology necessary to accomplish a perfectly clean wheels, mirrors, grills, license plates, grooves, and other hard to reach areas with no acid based cleaners.

New Wash Materials:

New materials on the market reach better into hard to clean areas without any harsh slapping noises cleaning all the dirt quickly as you wait in the safety of your car.

Online Tire Shining:

This technology is not new but advancements in non-solvent tire dressing have improved performance dramatically. With new equipment and dressing combinations currently available, it is possible to dress oversized tires and low profile tires perfectly.

New Foaming Technology:

Getting a clean car at high volumes is like conducting an orchestra of how long a chemical has to dwell and act with gravity before being agitated or removed. Speedwash has been designed in conjunction with chemical manufacturers so that you do not only have better chemicals; they are better applied and removed.

New Ozone Technology:

Water reclaim is fundamental in reducing utility costs and meeting environmental concerns. We use a technology that not only reclaims water at an ultra efficient rate but utilizes the latest ozone odor control.

Online Chamois Drying:

Our air dryers are configured to move water off the top surfaces to the sides rather than from the front to the back deliver a dryer car.

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