SpeedWash’s Top Ten Car Wash Fails

Washing your vehicle should be a stress free and almost leisurely activity. At SpeedWash not only do we help you save time and money, but we also make things simple and easy as humanly possible. Our state-of-the-art tunnels do all the work while you sit in your car and enjoy. There are however times when washing your vehicle on your own or somewhere else has turned into an over-complicated task with results that have been comedic or just down right dangerous. Check out our list below of SpeedWash’s Top Ten Car Wash Fails! Disclaimer: Do not replicate what you’re about to see in this list. These events can lead to injuries and damage to your vehicle.

1. “The Joys of Washing at Home”

The Joys of Washing at Home

This guy probably shouldn’t have had the hose on while carrying all his cleaning supplies.

2. “Knockout”

Maybe it’s best that you don’t throw the keys to your friend while he’s trying to spray down his jeep.

3. “Water Crash”

It was the late Bruce Lee that did say that “water can drip and it can crash”. Perfect example in the gif above.

4. “Wrap Ride”

Safety first. Don’t clean the tunnel while the tunnel is in use.

5. “Car Wash, Not Bike Wash”

This doesn’t look fun.

6. “The $700 Car Wash”

Probably shouldn’t have adjusted his windshield wiper while this was going on.

7. “Interior Cleaning”

*scratches head* no words…

8. “Just Reckless”

Some people just shouldn’t be driving at all.

9. “When Trying To Be Sexy Goes Wrong”

She fell gracefully.

10. “My Legs”


Washing your car shouldn’t be this difficult. At SpeedWash our washes start at only $6.67 and only take up to four minutes! Save yourself time and money. Our expert customer service attendants are on site 24/7 and they safely guide your vehicle into our state-of-the-art tunnels.

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