There are three key principles that set SpeedWash apart from the rest; Speed, Quality, and Price.
Our system takes 4 minutes or less and is set up to accommodate most vehicles. But what most business owners who are a part of our fleet system rave about are our price.
With our washes start at a very affordable price and we have a price that can't be beaten. We are open with attendants on-site 24/7, including holidays. So we are able to fit it into your schedule and not the other way around.

At SpeedWash you can give the same vehicles an environmentally friendly, quality, and affordable wash in 4 minutes or less.

Which saves you time, and money.

"The Best Fleet Wash Membership You Will Ever Have."
Kiran Dhaliwal
Car Dealership

License Plate Readers

Our License Plate Readers are ideal for car dealerships, service stations, and all other businesses washing vehicles 75 times or less per month.

  • Auto-billing
  • 8 washes per vehicle/month
  • 1 tag per vehicle
  • Multi Use
  • 24/7 Access
  • Wash attendant on site 24/7


Our fleet card memberships are ideal for car dealerships, service sations, and all other business washing vehicles 75 or more times per month.

  • Invoiced Monthly
  • Up to 5 fleet cards
  • For employee use
  • 24/7 Access
  • Wash attendant on site 24/7

Unique Codes

Provide one time use wash codes to your customers.
Our wash codes are ideal for car dealerships, services sations, and all other businesses that provide customers with on site car washes. Codes are given to customers in lieu of a service wash and customers bring their personal vehicles to SpeedWash themselves.

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