Top Ten Reasons To Come To SpeedWash

With over one hundred and twenty five registered car washes in the Lower Mainland, you as a customer have a ton of choices to get your car washed. You already know SpeedWash is amazing and we have three different locations to serve your needs, but what sets us apart from the other one hundred and twenty two car washes out there? There’s a lot of reasons for you to come to SpeedWash, but here’s a list of the top ten reasons you should come to SpeedWash.

1. Speed

We wouldn’t be SpeedWash without Speed. When you bring your vehicle to our tunnels, you’re getting a premium automatic car wash in under four minutes! Compare that to washing your car at home when done properly can take up to two hours. Think of the extra things you can do with your day if you had an extra 116 minutes!

2. Quality

The tunnel system that we use for our SpeedWash locations is the very same that is used in exotic sports car factories before their vehicles hit the dealership lot. Brands like Porsche and Lamborghini trust this system to help bring out the best in their cars, so you can trust us with the safety of your vehicle. Our wraps use Envirosoft 2nd Generation Foam which is safe to the touch and does not retain water or dirt particles. Which leaves your vehicle safe and buffs surfaces for a higher level of shine.

3. Price

Our prices at SpeedWash are some of the lowest in the industry. With washes starting at $6.67 and vacuum usage being $2 for five minutes (where available), there is no other automatic car wash that offers the kind of quality services we have at a price that’s hard to beat!

4. Convenience

Our Surrey and Langley locations are opened 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and that’s including holidays! One of the beautiful things about coming to SpeedWash, is that you can come here on your own time, whenever you have time!

5. Customer Service

Although our automatic car wash system is the best in the industry, what truly makes SpeedWash truly great is our dedication to customer service excellence. Our expert customer service attendants help safely guide your vehicle into our tunnels and are there on site 24/7 to happily answer any questions and inquires that you may have!

6. SpeedPass

Do you need to wash your vehicle multiple times a month? Well guess what, we have the solution for you. Starting at only $29.99 a month, you can wash your vehicle eight times a month (two times a week)!

7. Vacuums (only available in our Surrey location)

Our high powered vacuums are available to use for only $2 for five minutes! The lowest cost in town, compared to the average car wash that charges up to $4.50.

8. Environmentally Friendly

SpeedWash uses a special state-of-the-art water reclaimation system that makes a difference in the lower mainland’s water consumption. On average over 20,000 cars go through the Surrey SpeedWash location each month using less than 25 gallons (94.6 litres) of water per car. When the typical car

washed in a driveway at home uses as much as 120 gallons (454.2 liters) of water, those SpeedWash customers collectively save the lower mainland 1.9 million gallons (7.2 million liters) per month.

9. Brand Names You Can Trust

We use only the finest products and brands for our SpeedWash car washes to help bring out the best in your vehicle. We use Black Magic Tire Shine, Armor All Extreme Shine, and Rain-X in our top tier washes.

10. Fun

The cherry on top of the SpeedWash sundae, we’re just a fun place to bring your car. Our cool building, the colours of our lights and products when they’re applied to your vehicle. Put on your favourite song, sit back, and enjoy. There’s nothing like a wash from SpeedWash.

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